An elegy to our grandmother.

On this day, we mourn the loss of Jayam
Mother to our dads,
Grandmother to us,
Great grandmother to our offspring
And an affectionate human being to all.

May we also remember the spirit that represents the person she was
And what she has left in us - in our little genes and in our memories.

Lets us remember how her partial blindness
Did not impede her ability to fulfil her parental duties.

Let us remember her love for music
And how she strived to impart the same in us.

Let us remember that in her own quiet ways -
Folding clothes in a corner,
Sipping Narasus coffee,
Telling bedtime stories,
She made a resonant impact in all our lives.

Perhaps this is the day for us to pause from all the rigmarole
And remember what it means to be remembered.

Perhaps this is the day for us to believe
That in the face of impossibilities it is possible to carry on.

Perhaps this day should be a reminder for us
To live the gift that is the joy of living.

May her soul rest in peace!


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