Articles by Goutham Balaraman

Multi-Processing With Pandas

November 19, 2014 by Goutham Balaraman

Motivation for using multi-processing with pandas

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Minimal Example of Calling Lua Functions from C++

August 05, 2014 by Goutham Balaraman

This article will present an introductory example of calling lua functions from C++.

   lua   programming   C++  

Minimal Lua C++ Example

July 17, 2014 by Goutham Balaraman

Very basic introduction to Lua C++ API

   lua   programming   C++  

Git For Dummies

March 20, 2014 by Goutham Balaraman

Working with git could be quite intimidating. Here we will work through some basics and discuss some examples on using git.

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Asynchronous Python Logging Using MSMQ

February 21, 2014 by Goutham Balaraman

Asynchronous logging in Python using MSMQ.

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Sending MSMQ Messages Using Python

February 21, 2014 by Goutham Balaraman

Send MSMQ messages using python

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Python Multiprocessing as a Task Queue

January 07, 2014 by Goutham Balaraman

Use multiprocessing module as a task queue, and over come GIL in python.

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