Minimal Lua C++ Example

July 17, 2014 by Goutham Balaraman

Very basic introduction to Lua C++ API

   lua   programming   C++  

Flask Track Usage Primer

March 26, 2014 by Gouthaman Balaraman

Flask Track Usage is a very light weight Flask extension to track usage traffic for Flask apps. This post will give you a brief introduction to the usage and merits.

   Programming   Python  

Git For Dummies

March 20, 2014 by Goutham Balaraman

Working with git could be quite intimidating. Here we will work through some basics and discuss some examples on using git.

   git   programming   github  

Asynchronous Python Logging Using MSMQ

February 21, 2014 by Goutham Balaraman

Asynchronous logging in Python using MSMQ.

   python   programming  

Sending MSMQ Messages Using Python

February 21, 2014 by Goutham Balaraman

Send MSMQ messages using python

   python   programming  

A Short Story of Wall Street

January 23, 2014 by Gouthaman Balaraman

A look at the volatility of the market from a historical perspective. This gives us a view of understanding market sentiment historically.

   finance   equity  

Calculating Stock Beta, Volatility, and More

January 09, 2014 by Gouthaman Balaraman

Introduction to calculating Beta, Alpha and R-squared for a stock. This article will also include a python code snippet to calculate these measures. This method is for instance used by sites like yahoo to show beta, volatility etc.

   finance   investing  

Python Multiprocessing as a Task Queue

January 07, 2014 by Goutham Balaraman

Use multiprocessing module as a task queue, and over come GIL in python.

   python   programming